The Blindside Chapter 2 : Market for Football Players

The Blindside Chapter 2 Market for Football Players


This chapter describes Tom Lemmings reaction to seeing a video of Michael Oher playing football and his first time meeting him. Tom lemming, who is also called the “ authority on all up and coming football stars” was shocked to see a guy that big had so much speed on the field. He set out to meet him but when he did it wasn’t what he expected. Michael didn’t have a clue of who he was and what he wanted. Michael ended declining to play in the high school football All-star game.


I was nervous for Michaels future reading that he rejected the offer to play in one of the most biggest things any high school football player can be in. if he turned down that, what if he did the same but with a greater opportunity?  But then again it was probably meant to be because after that Tom lemming didn’t stop thinking about him after the meeting. This chapter introduces Michael as the ultimate underdog. He grew up with a crack-addicted mother and a father that was in and out of prison; he was raised on other people’s couches and barely ate. Reading this, I could predict the general ending. Since he had a dark past he’ll get a bight future, like growing up poor and being the underdog soon enough it will be opposite, he’ll be on top and wealthy. I love reading theses kind of books because they’re inspirational. They truly support the sayings rags to riches and a nothing to a something.


In this section it used Cause and Effect. For example, Michael’s brother sending a video in of him playing football, Tom seeing the video led him to see Michael and after that it led to Michael playing for the local Christian school. The author’s intent was to inform the reader of who and what  for Tom lemming does for a living and also to set a background for Michael. Putting all the details of what Michael had to go through growing up. He kind of made me think of what would happen if that was me or someone I know?

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